Kiln Fusing Services

Do you want to make fused glass art but don't have a kiln? Make your project at home and bring it to us to fuse!

We offer space in our kilns for projects using COE 96 glass. Papyros shelf paper and any mold use are included in the firing cost. Fibre paper and any damming are an extra cost.

Completion time will vary according to schedule, classes, volume and kiln availability. Pro-rated fees are subject to availability. Cost is per 24 hour runtime of the kiln.

Large kiln - Approximately 24" wide x 30" long but shelf is oval, not rectangular - $60 per kiln load

Medium kiln - Approximately 15 1/2" x 15 1/2" square shelf - $30 per kiln load

Small kiln - Approximately 7" x 7" shelf - $20 per kiln load