Inland Wiz Grinder

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This standard workhorse model comes with:

  • 3/4” diamond grinding bit with Allen wrench
  • 3/8” diamond grinding/drilling bit with Allen wrench
  • 1/8” diamond grinding/drilling bit with Allen wrench
  • Grinder splash guard
  • BitSert
  • Cooling sponges

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Birch-Bayley
Excellent grinder

I have been doing stained glass for a few months now. I borrowed a grinder from a friend before buying my own. The grinder I borrowed was an inland, I knew pretty quickly that was what I wanted.
The inland wiz has great power. It's easy to clean. Has excellent accessories that make grinding glass so much easier. You will definitely want to purchase the second story grinding table, and the eye shield with the magnifying glass, it improves the grinding experience and allows you to use all features of the grinder more effectively. The cost of everything is pretty reasonable, not going to completely break the bank. I love this grinder, and definitely recommend.
Also definitely buy from Stained Glass Stuff, they have excellent competitive pricing, and it arrives quickly.