Uro by Yough U-65-95, Royal Blue & Yellow with Red, Orange, Green, White and Gold-Pink Highlights, Granite Texture

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Gorgeous glass being made by Youghiogheny in the old Uroboros style

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Carmen Cantin

Beautiful glass, so vibrant: Use it for a project worth of its beauty.

Helen Boutilier-Inglis
Precious Glass

sometimes a piece of glass is so special it becomes precious. Over the past ten years,I have made four Canada Goose panels in the style of Benjamin Chee Chee. The amazing results can only be achieved with what I call Canada Goose glass which has become harder and harder to find. Kevin and Heather use company names and catalogue numbers....I call it precious. Huge thanks to Kevin and Heather who know how important this is to me and send me notice when exotic pieces come in.

Jo Gilmour

Really beautiful glass, I only gave 4 star because it is incredibly difficult to cut, not so much the thickness as the texture and unevenness of the sheet. I realize this could in part be from being a beginner but this was the first sheet of glass within my 60 sheet + collection that i've had a lot of difficulty cutting. But soooo soo pretty.